Complaints received or lapses noticed are examined to ascertain whether they
involve a ‘vigilance angle’ (essentially violation of conduct rules) - 1 month .
• Decision about whom to refer complaints to ascertain whether these have any
substance to the CBI or departmental agencies-3 months.
• Submission of findings of investigations- 3 months.
• Department/CBI report to be sent for ‘First Stage Advice’ to the CVC- 1
month from the date of reference.
• Formulation of CVC’s advice-1 month.
• Issue of charge-sheet, statement of imputation of misconduct, and list of
witnesses and documents etc, if it is decided to proceed in departmental inquiry
- 1 month from the receipt of CVC advice.
• Consideration of Defence Statement of the accused employee- 15 days.
• Issue of final orders in minor penalty cases-2 months from receipt of Defence
• Appointment of the Inquiry Authority (IA) and Presenting Officer (PO) where
the ‘first stage advice’ recommends major penalty which requires detailed
inquiry- Immediately after receipt of Statement of Defence.
• Completion of inquiry- 6 months from the date of appointment of the Inquiry
Officer and the Presenting Officer.
• Sending a copy of the inquiry report, (where the accused is held guilty or the
disciplinary authority records reasons for disagreement with an inquiry report
holding that charges are not proved), to the charged officer for representation,
if any- 15 days from the receipt of representation.

• Considering the representation of the accused employee and forwarding the
inquiry report for Second Stage Advice to the CVC- 1 month from the date
of receipt of the representation.
• Issue of orders on the inquiry report- 1 month from the receipt of CVC’s ‘second
stage advice ( or 2 months from the date of inquiry report where such advice is
not required).
(It may be noticed that the above schedule does not include the time taken between commission of
a ‘wrong’ and its detection or receipt of a complaint about it. A very rough calculation would also
indicate that even if the above time schedule is adhered to, the estimated time taken in bringing
to culmination cases involving minor and major penalties can be respectively estimated at 10
month 15 days and 16 months. It needs to be added that